Hey, I’m Kathy.

I’m keen to understand how, in a near future, mass audiences will engage with 3D printing and its endless opportunities for customization. This is the reason why I started this blog and personal prototyping project: 3D HAIRDO.
I’ll be sharing my inspirations and product development trials about 3D printed hair clips. Aiming to offer a unique 3D HAIRDO customization experience one day.
About me:

  • I used to work at Sanoma Media, and through analysing audience traffic of multiple women’s magazines sites, I got profound insights on the popularity of hairstyles topics. Women love hairdo and count me in.
  • Today I work as a Service Designer and UX Expert. I’m convinced this experience will be useful in the development of interfaces and applications for mass customization of 3D printed hair accessories.
  • I live in Belgium.
  • I took a course in Additive Manufacturing at the University of Ghent, and graduated.


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