It would be a significant advantage if 3D printed hair clips didn’t need metal springs anymore. The spring often gets rusty if one wears the hair clip while swimming.

Shell barretteYesterday a friend pointed out to me that women in the seventies wore different hair clip models, without a spring. The search for an example, brought me by chance on the website of The French Atelier.

The French Atelier is (not sure they are still in business since the website and the Facebook page seem a little outdated) a US based distribution company, specializing in fine hair accessories,. They offer a range of beautiful colors, and the product are made completely in France. The material used in the manufacturing process the products is acetate cellulose. The handmade process takes on many stages until the final product comes to life. Highlighted, this lengthy process entails steps such as cutting, sanding, bending, polishing etc.


Catalog_thefrenchatelier.001The catalog on the website gives a useful overview of different models: the classic and the curved barrette, (also some very nice luxury variants as the sea shells!), pinch clips, ponies, headbands, French side combs, and chignons.

Particularly interesting is the pinch clip which states: This clip features the “GRIP LINK” system, a spring-less, water-resistant mechanism designed for a soft but strong lasting hold.


Grip LinkUnfortunately the image of the grip link system is not that clear. But I will continue my quest and hope I can find a copy offered for sale. In case you anyone can provide me specifications of the grip link features, please get in touch.



Water resistant hair clip systems
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