October 05 – 2016

Red BarretteMy lucky day! I found the plastic B&D model I was looking for (Grazie Mille Isabelle!). It is not an authentic one, but for prototyping it will do. This friday we will make a 3D scan and test some customization options. The hair clip on the picture is not 3D printed yet, its the original. Looking forward to next steps.


Update October 13 – 2016

Last Friday I went to 3dee in Antwerp to scan and print the little red hair clip. Unfortunately, they couldn’t help me that fast :/
I learned and understood it takes some time to develop a digital 3D file. The person in the shop however was very helpful and explained me the options

  • scan the object without any additional engeneering – cost approx 290€ – result: might cause some difficulties to scan and print afterwards especially because of the tiny pins
  • scan the object with additional engineering – cost approx 450€ – result: perfect copy of the red hairlip original
  • no scan – start from scratch and draw the piece as identical as possible – cost approx 150€ – result: not a perfect copy of the original – but maybe hard to see the difference at first sight

Prototype 3D hairclipI decided to test first with the latest option, which was the most interesting in terms of budget in proportion to quality.

Today I got the first sketch. Wow – it looks already very real. And now we take the next step: print it.

Again patience is required – it will take them a few days to deliver the first test prints : one white copy – original size and a second copy increased size (7,5 cm).

Update October 13 – 2016

3D hair clip whiteThe first prototype is ready!  It’s still very basic, but it really works.
It’s printed in polyamide and thus the surface is fine and white. It looks like it is made from sugar, slightly porous. But actually it is a strong and somewhat flexible material, that allows some pressure when attaching the clip into your hair.

Unfortunately it hasn’t the beautiful shiny colours as created by Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch and Deichmann. I will definitely explore further on the choice of material.

Also I’m thinking about some themes to personalize the hair clip. Maybe this could be done with very simple objects such as letters or shapes. At the time Buch and Deichmann designed a few sets with beautiful little flowers. But it could be equally fun, to come up with a limited edition. In that case the surreal birds from dutch artist Piet Parra are high on my whishlist.

Test 3: the B&D model hair clip printed in polyamide

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