In my quest of finding good hair pin designs for 3D printing, the Buch and Deichmann barrettes proved the most suitable. In a former post we wrote that they are  no longer available on the market, but fortunately we have discovered a webshop where similar brown and black pins with the versatile size and unique look can be found. It’s on FranceLuxe and they call it ‘The oval & under slide barrette‘, perfect for quick and easy on-the-go styling.

Oval & Under Slide BarretteOn the FranceLuxe site I found again some arguments why printing this specific hair pin would not be such a bad idea:

  • Read the reviews. People ask: “More more more colors please! These are the best barrettes ever!”. In a recent newsletter of Materialise they announced 3 brand new colors to the polyamide palette! In particular the Petrol Blue, made of greyish blue with some green, is in full trend nowadays. I’ll order a hair pin print. Once done, check the result among the prototyping posts.

L. Erickson barrette

  • The most beautiful barrettes (Roses, Sea Life, Foliage) on FranceLuxe are handcrafted by Italian artisans using classical metalsmithing techniques. Although those hair pins are really stunning, the downside is that they are only available in luxurious gold and they are quite expensive. Imagine we could put the beautiful roses, shells or leaves of the golden pins on the edge of the oval & under slide barrettes in countless colours? Something Buch and Deichmann used to do, however in those days without the advantages and rich possibilities of additive manufacturing.


Printing and upgrading the oval & under slide barrettes of FranceLuxe?

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